5 Tips for Getting Back into A Fitness Routine

All it takes is a lockdown to send fitness routine you may have had out the window. Instead of setting an alarm, getting up early and enjoying a gym workout before heading into work, you switched to rolling out of bed in your pjs and sitting with your laptop at your desk for the day. It’s an easy habit to get into, especially during the colder months.

If you’re looking to get your fitness groove back, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Start Small

Give yourself some time to find your feet and maybe start back with one or two sessions a week at your local gym – there’s lots of deals out there for off peak sessions and free trials. Put two x 30 minute ‘fitness’ dates a week to start in your diary. You can build on this over time. Do some research and check out online training sessions and nutrition/weight loss introductory deals. Some personal trainers take small sessions in the local parks, local gym or come to your home.

2. Try Something New

Change is sometimes a good thing! Now is a great chance to try something completely new! If the gym isn’t for you or you need a change have a look online for local fitness deals and see if you can mix it up and try something you’ve never done before. Consider CrossFit, Pilates, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance classes or maybe you’d like to try a team sport. Tennis anyone? Some places offer freebies to entice you, such as one class for free, so give it a go and see what you think. What have you got to lose?

3. Keep Yourself Motivated

Plan to meet up with a friend to exercise with or commit to walking the dog at the same time every day. You’ll be more motivated with buddies (even furry ones!) and you won’t want to let them (or yourself) down. Check out Apps like ‘Map My Run’ or Sports Watches that track your progress. It’s inspiring to see yourself improve your steps and stamina (and drop kilos!) each week.


4. Revamp Your Wardrobe

There are plenty of bargains on fab fitness gear. Now is the perfect chance to grab a new wardrobe and freshen up your look. With plenty of cashback rewards around you can order online and get it delivered. It’s amazing how much a new wardrobe can motivate us. Shop for tights, shorts, tops, drink bottles and weatherproof jackets (so there’s no ‘rain’ excuses!). You’ll look great and enjoy the boost of confidence that comes with it.


5. Leave Your Clothes Out

Now for the final test. You know what you’re first fitness session is going to be and with your new gear you’ll look the business. Need early morning motivation? Put your clothes out the night before so there’s no ‘what to wear’ decisions. Your alarm has to be out of reach – snooze is not an option! And remember…..it’s only 20 minutes before your body is bathed in feel good endorphins!

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