How I saved with Cashback

I love the convenience of online shopping, especially in this challenging time of COVID-19. The restrictions haven’t made it easy to visit the shops and I often have the kids in tow which makes it even more of a challenge!  

I am one of those shoppers that love to use reward cards. I figure, I am shopping anyway, why not enjoy the benefits? So, I was super excited when I found Shopa Save. It’s different to the other loyalty programs I use, instead of building up points, I build up cash. Shopa Save provides cashback on purchases in different industries and categories including;

• Food & Restaurants • Hair & Beauty • Health & Fitness • Alcohol & Liquor • Shopping & Retail • Travel & Holidays • Entertainment & Adventure • Trades & Services • Tyres & Auto and Gifts

I found Shopa Save online and browsed their website. I entered my location and up pops a range of different industry and service offers available in my area. Cashback offers start at 3% all the way up to 50%! What was even better, is that some of the brands I love to buy from already provided offers. I couldn’t actually believe I had been making purchases without reaping the benefits – why hadn’t anyone told me about Shopa Save earlier!

I quickly made the decision to join up. I downloaded the App, and entered a few simple details, my name and email. I then linked my Mastercard to my account and I was pretty much ready to go, it was that simple.

I start shopping by using the unique cashback link which is provided in the offer. I make my purchases just as I would normally and once the retailer or service provider approves the sale; the cashback hits my account. I like to watch my money grow, so that once I hit my target I will withdraw and transfer it into my bank account.

What I also love about Shopa Save is that it supports Australian businesses. When I use the program, it gives me that little reminder to ensure I am supporting local!

As the COVID-19 restrictions are easing and kids are back at school (yay, freedom!), shopping in store is becoming a little easier and manageable. What’s great is the flexibility. Once my Mastercard (you can use Visa or Debit) is connected to my Shopa Save account I can shop in-store too. I just need to make sure I bring my linked cards and it basically works the same way as online.

My cashback savings land into my personal e-Wallet which can be withdrawn as soon as the minimum $15 target hits. I usually leave it in to build up over time, so from the beginning of the year to Christmas time, just when it’s time to buy gifts. Whilst I am spending my savings, I shop with Shopa Save to ensure I continue building up my funds!

Shopa Save also lets me know when my stores are having a sale, it’s the perfect reminder as who doesn’t love a sale?


The only disappointing thing about Shopa Save is that I didn’t know about it earlier! But the good things is I am letting you know about it today.

Want to start saving more now?

Become a member for free at: or download the Free Shopa Save App and start earning cashback!